Tooth Extraction in Potsdam, NY

When damage to teeth is extensive and has become painful, you may need to extract one or more teeth to maintain your oral health. In Potsdam NY, teeth extraction from Lee H. Akin DDS PLLC is a last resort, but an important decision to make. As a staff of highly skilled professionals, offering the only full time oral surgeon living in St. Lawrence County, we are ready to help you with expert restorative dentistry.

Although the thought of extraction may seem difficult to deal with, it is important that you understand the benefits and your follow up options. Not only can excessively damaged or diseased teeth put others at risk, but you could also experience dull or acute pain. Extracting a tooth may be a voluntary action, but essentially you are losing a tooth. We can provide follow up dental work to provide you with bridges or dentures or offer a permanent solution for replacement with dental implants.

As a staff, we are committed to quality patient experiences. We stay abreast of new advancements in the field with continual education and learning. We maintain strict sterilization policies. We employ a friendly and helpful office staff to handle insurance and the flexible financing plans that we offer. For your convenience, we also have emergency appointments available.

To learn more about your options in Potsdam, NY, teeth extraction specialist Lee H. Akin DDS PLLC is ready to address your questions and concerns. Call today for a consultation in our full line of restorative procedures.


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